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Explicit Instruction

Explicit instruction is systematic, engaging and progress oriented.  It is taught in a step-by-step format and until mastery is achieved, the teacher does not move on to new material.

Explicit Instruction Tutoring Options:

Wilson Reading System


Writing Matters

Who learns best from explicit instruction?

Research has shown that ALL students benefit from explicit instruction.  Children who have learning differences, such as Dyslexia, in reading, spelling and writing especially thrive from an explicit curriculum.

What is the process for getting my student started?

The first step is a phone call. I like to talk to my potential parents (free of charge) to find out why they are exploring tutoring options.  It is best to make sure the student's needs match with this learning style.

After we connect by phone, I will meet with your student to conduct two 1-hour assessments:

1) A Word Identification, Spelling & Sound-Symbol Test (WIST) is critical in guiding instruction. WIST is s norm-referenced assessment that will provide diagnostic information.

2) The Wilson Assessment of Decoding & Encoding (WADE) is a curriculum-based measure which specifically assesses a student’s decoding & encoding (spelling) skills correlated to the word structures taught in Wilson Reading System. The WADE is aligned to the scope & sequence of the Wilson Reading System to both guide instruction & determine mastery.

What is structure of Wilson Reading or Writing Matters Tutoring?

Sessions are one hour in length. Virtual sessions may be broken down into shorter sessions for students with attention challenges or younger students, ages 5-9 or on a case by case basis.

The recommended number of session for Wilson Reading is three sessions per week.  Two sessions per week is the minimum for Wilson instruction to be effective and for the student to make meaning.

Writing Maters, written expression, tutoring is individualized.  Session duration and program may vary by grade and areas of need.  Program focuses on grammar and application of concepts.

 What is the cost of Wilson Reading System instruction?

One hour sessions are $80 per hour

What is the cost of Writing Matters instruction?

Explicit instruction in writing using the Writing Matters program is $80 per hour.

Small group (2-4 students) may be available for a group rate.  Inquire by phone or email. 

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